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Player: Alex (B)
Canon: Dracula (Novel)
Canon Point: Just before his death.
Alignment: Sosyne
Date of Entry: 06/08/2017

For those of you who are not, or are, interested in having Dracula using his hypnotism on your character (either minor or major). Or for him to feed off of them. Please, go ahead and leave a comment here, make sure to leave your character(s) names and journals here, and whether or not you would or would not be interested in any of the above.


Jun. 7th, 2017 02:04 am
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Player: Alex
Contact: PM or Plurk
Age: 24
Current Characters: Harold Krebs


Character: Dracula
Age: 300+ (Appears 30’s)
Canon: Dracula (Novel)
Canon Point: Just before his death.

Background: Wikipedia


It’s a bit difficult to figure out a starting point for a character like Dracula, there have been just so many different iterations, telling and retellings of the good Count. As well as a great many and various synopsizes on him, that it’s dizzying.

So, first off, I think it should go without saying that Dracula is not a good man, something that is probably rather obvious for anyone who’s aware of the novel and hundreds of movies and other media. It’s unfortunate that his origins were never really touched on beyond that he had once been Vlad Tepes, or some variation of him. As well as that he had been a practitioner of magic, and that perhaps through it’s use, he had undergone the transformation from a mortal man to an undead monster; process that had twisted and corrupted what had once been and honorable and just person into something else entirely.

Often noted for being polite, suave and gentile to those who first meet him, Dracula attempts to act the part of a noble count and gentleman as best as he possibly can. He is knowledgeable and a quick study, as well as being noted as a calm man when not roused to anger. While such outward appearances may be his own way of hanging on to what is left of his humanity and what he had once been, a great and honorable man; it is ultimately a ruse. A trick that the monster uses to pull a person into his web; ultimately Dracula is a creature with sociopathic tendencies that uses what is left of the former man for it’s own, personal gains. Inwards he is vain, cruel and maliciously calculating, often bending and using others for his own personal ends.

He is very much prone to anger when things do not go his way, or he feels threatened in some fashion. It could be something as major as someone placing a mirror in front of him, such as Jonathan Harker had done; or as minor as someone mocking him, or making him feel powerless; though he will typically do his best to remain calm, particularly in the presence of others, if the slight is great enough he may lash out, in the case of the mirror he ended up throwing it out a window before stalking off, leaving only a dark warning. If it had been anyone else, there would have been a good chance that the Count would have thrown both them and the mirror out the window.

Often times he views others and their attempts at trying to stop him with utmost contempt; mocking them, or if he feels they serve no purpose to him, outright kill them, as was the case when a woman attempted to exact revenge on him for her child, only to call a pack of wolves to rip her apart. While forcing Jonathan Harker to watch as he did so.

In his eyes, other people are meant to be pawns and toys for his own use and amusement. And if he fancies them enough, potential servants; he is not above relying on others for aid. In fact he even had a small force of men under his control who would go on to protect him during the final confrontation between their master and the protagonists. His reliance on others puts him at a disadvantage however. As he has a tendency to rely on others first, either for protection, knowledge or enforcement of his will, before he himself is forced to ultimately confront the situation. This has led to Van Helsing to state that he has a child-like mindset. In that, he often first relies on external forces before deciding that he can do the task better himself.

Still he is very much capable of handling himself on his own if need be. Dracula is nothing, if not clever, and will often plan several steps ahead before he makes a move. Something that’s made very painfully obvious in the novel when he keeps Jonathan alive as his captive, in order to better learn about England, as well as to finish the procurement of his legal documents. In fact if it hadn’t been for his pursuer’s dogged search for him as he made his escape, he could have gotten away.

Ultimately though, it was his pride, which would lead to his death at the hands of the heroes. Often mocking their attempts at stopping him, and going so far as to bite Mina, however because of this action, he had inadvertently given his foes an advantage over him. Under hypnotism, the group was able to use Mina’s new, psychic connection she had to Dracula to track him down. In the end his ultimate weakness in the end wasn’t just his aversion to garlic, or being staked in the heart. But that of his own callous and brutish nature; because of his pride he thought very little of other people, and thought highly he thought of himself, Dracula would end up underestimating his foes.


Able to psychically link with other vampires that he’s sired.
Shapeshifting (able to turn into a wolf, mist, rats, cockroaches, and a bat)
Can turn others into vampires
Knowledge of necromancy
Can command other vampires that he’s sired.

Alignment: Sosyne – This was a bit of a toss up but, in the novel Dracula seems to be more motivated by feelings of anger, hidden behind that of a calm façade.

Other: As a side note, Dracula in the novel is unable to consume human food and must drink blood, something that will be nerfed in game probably. And also has all of the classic vampire weaknesses; garlic, holy instruments, sunlight, unable to cross running water or enter a home without permission.


General Sample: Short conversation with Mrs. Harker.

Emotion Sample:

[Dracula is no stranger to beauty, or for theatrics. Nor was he a stranger to enjoying beauty either, though a different sort of twisted and perverse beauty. Though even as he was and is, he could still find some enjoyment in the beauty of life. Life that he hasn't snuffed out yet.

So as he passes by a rose bush, whose buds have yet to bloom, he paused, smiled at his companion before reaching down to pick one of them.]

I believe there is a poem that says you cannot bid a flower to bloom. [He fixed his attention on the lone bud, bidding his...feelings of joy (ha!) on it. Bidding it to slowly blossom under the bright moon. It had taken him a while to be able to use his emotions in such a way that didn't end with death following him. But once he had it, Dracula had found it to be quite amusing.

Slowly, and ever so gently, the flower bloomed into a beautiful rose, the color of a dark red, reminiscent of blood.]
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Hugging him: You can try? He can do touchy feely if the time is right and feels like it.
Kissing Him: Sure? But typically he is the one doing the kissing.
Flirting: Absolutely! If he hasn't already started, then you can feel free to initiate it with him.
Smut with him: This one...I'm not so sure about, talk to me about it first.
Fight him: Sure, but let me know beforehand and we can figure something out? He's not exactly one to pick a fight out of the blue.
Killing him: Whoa, slow down there Van Helsing! Ask first.
Reading his mind: You can certainly try!


Backtagging: Sure!
Break the Fourth Wall: Ask first and foremost please!
God modding: No.


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Go ahead and leave an hmd here. Any helpful criticism is helpful.


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